In order to understand more about space travel and the universe, multiple animals were shot into space between the 1930’s and 1970. These animals were national heroes, and became the face of space travel during this time. These animals were Ham, a heroic chimpanzee, Laika the trustworthy dog and Felix the stray cat.

Most of these animals never returned, since these space flights were a one-way ticket and the space crafts had no way of safely returning to earth anyway. And so, they were declared dead and we moved on. But did we actually have proof of their deaths and where did these animals really go when they were shot into the atmosphere?

Space Militia is the untold story of the animals we carelessly shot into space and then abandoned, only for them to be found by a mysterious woman who helped them to evolve and find their own unique way of existing. When Millie, a rebelling space princess ventures out on her own, she comes across wormholes suddenly opening and dropping unknown spacecrafts, more and more every time. In them, she finds companions to help her in her mission to save the universe.




Imagine being violently pulled away from the only place you have ever known as home… Now imagine that happening twice.

Ham grew up as an ordinary chimpanzee would, deep in the rainforests of Cameroon. His day starts like any other, foraging for food to keep his community fed. But this would be the last time Ham sees his fellow chimps. He was taken by animal traders and sold off to a roadside zoo in Florida. Thrown together with other apes, after months of sunrises and sunsets, he saw no way out and made this strange environment his new home.

He created a new community with all the lost apes and quickly became the alpha of the group, with the other apes counting on him for stability. But when the community was finally content with their new life, Ham was pulled away again.

He was bought by the United States Air Force and forced to train to become their shining star in space. His training could be described as nothing other than torture. Being shocked when he was not fast enough and only getting fed when he performed the right tasks. The torture combined with the trauma of losing both of his families changed something deep inside of him. He was not a friendly ape anymore. He was… different.

When Ham was launched into space multiple critical errors occurred, resulting in him getting lost, off radar, never to be found again. Until he saw that bright flash on the horizon.



You can’t choose your blood… But you can choose your family.

Millie grew up on planet Orus, a planet with technology lightyears ahead of anything we’ll ever know. The people living here are no longer human, but android beings with endless knowledge and power.

Millie was destined to become the new leader of the planet since she is the daughter of the current king, Xotreon. A powerful but stern leader, stuck in his ways, especially when it came to keeping the people safe. “Never venture, know your place and never stray.” Millie never agreed to this way of life and always knew there had to be more out there.

One day she was looking through the observatory when she saw a mysterious glow in the sky. She had a dark feeling that danger was lurking. She knew this had to be something worth exploring. She asked everyone around but everyone was scared to talk about it and they shunned her for even daring to bring it up. When she asked her father about it, he got angry and told her she had to grow up and spend all that time and energy on her own people instead. This was the final straw, the last push she needed to leave it all behind and explore her destiny.

Millie knew something had to be done and stole the only space craft on the planet. One that was left by an ancient civilization from centuries ago. As soon as she ventured into deep space, confronted by the vastness of it all, she knew that this wasn’t something that could be done alone. She knew she needed partners. Deserted souls who were just like her. And so, she went on a journey traveling through space and time to find souls worthy of her cause.



Your whole life can change in an instant. This could be either for better, or worse.
Laika was a stray dog from Moscow, Russia and lived her life looking for scraps. This did not matter to her, since she still trusted the kind strangers on the street to feed her the leftovers they did not care for anymore. She was a mellow and quiet dog.
Well-adapted to the chilling cold winter air, she knew how to fend for herself. Noticing some scraps in a dark alley, she made her way to them. It was a trick…

In an instant they captured her and had her trapped in a cage no larger than herself. She was left in one of these cages for days at a time and trained by the Soviet space program to be their first living creature in space. The decision to launch the Sputnik was only made days prior, leaving no longer than four weeks to build and test the entire spacecraft. Laika was trained for the mission by putting her in centrifuges until her heart rate no longer spiked under intense amounts of stress, and feeding her special food through tubes that ran directly into her.
The once friendly and trustworthy dog had slowly been trained to no longer trust anyone and only care for herself. She turned more aggressive over time and knew she would not come out of this situation the same dog she was.

After four weeks of torture she was strapped in the spacecraft and launched into orbit. The thermal control system did not operate successfully and the chamber slowly started to overheat. So much indeed that the entire space craft caught fire and the connection to earth was lost. The Soviet space program deemed her deceased and notified the world of her untimely demise. With nowhere to go, Laika was lost and was panicking to get out of her restraints. But she ultimately was too late… or was she?



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